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Welcome to become our dealer!
Dear Sir or Madam:

Many people have written to us asking how to become a dealer for China Yard Co., LTD. The answer is in fact very easy: All you have to do to get started is send us an e-mail with the following information:

1. Pick out one or two products that you feel will be a good seller for your business and include them in your e-mail. If there's a product you would like to sell, but isn't listed in our website, please tell us about it! We will do out best to meet you demand.

2. Your full name and address including fax and phone numbers, e-mail address. You should include the name of your business if you already have one.

3. We will need a destination port in order to quote you properly as the shipping charges vary depending on location.

4. If you already have a web page, please include its address in your e-mail to us. However, we must point out that we will not deal with anyone who has offensive materials on their website.

Our company is not retail seller. We are a wholesale company dealing in quantity orders only. Single item orders are discouraged simply because they are always too expensive due to the added packaging costs. Therefore, the more items you purchase, the lower the shipping costs per piece. All orders must be paid by bank transfer or sight LC.

We will quote our dealer the lowest prices.!

Send us an email!

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